Projects Prioritization & TIP


This page is dedicated to providing current information on existing and proposed multi-modal projects within the New Bern Area MPO.

The P 5.0 Projects Prioritization provides information on the processes (methodology) and proposed candidate projects for funding through the Strategic Transportation Investments Process.

Final NBAMPO P5.0 Local input methodology as of 5.22.2018

At it's July 19th, 2018 meeting, the New Bern Area MPO Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) approved the Regional projects scoring and ranking based in part on its approved Methodology.  

P5.0 New Bern MPO Statewide Scoring     

P5.0 New Bern MPO Regional Ranking and Scoring       

P5.0 New Bern MPO Regional Points Donated

The Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program provides information on current projects and amendments.  For information on previous fiscal year TIP's, please contact the NBAMPO staff.

NEW BERN MPO MTIP FY 2018-2027 .pdf