Citizen Advisory Committee

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The NBAMPO is currently seeking out individuals living within the boundaries of the MPO to be members of a Citizen Advisory Committee.  Volunteer citizen advisory boards play an integral part in our local government, and are a way for our community members to have a voice of their own, providing their perspective.  

The Citizen Advisory Committee is an entity consisting of volunteer citizens from the communities represented within the MPO, who will participate in research, review reports and collaborate with the MPO boards to discuss, analyze, formulate and forward well-developed recommendations to the public and the MPO boards. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of this Committee, please fill out the attached application, which will be reviewed by the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) members.

For additional information, or questions regarding the Citizen Advisory Committee, please contact MPO Planner Kim Maxey at (252) 639-7592 or via email at


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